Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Delusions of Grandeur: by Jim Garrow

Had I not heard it with my own ears I would not have believed that people could be so enamoured of a tale that is so outlandish as to defy any intelligent persons belief system. To what do I refer? It started as an innocuous greeting in a variety store in a small town near where I live. The bearded gentleman of eastern descent was quite obviously muslim in appearance and dress. He had just said "salaam alikam" to a customer and had a beatific smile on his face. I asked if he was an islamist. He said that he was. I asked him about his hopes for the future and he was quick to say in a joking fashion - "We will rule the world". He had obviously gotten mileage in saying this with others. 

The belief that the islamists hold that they will rule the world is predicated on a couple of future events. One is the clear eradication of all infidels. Yes, that would be the murder of anyone who did not accept the world view of the islamist. There is no co-existence in their minds - a total "my way or the highway" for them. You may note that this view is not at all compatible with any democracy in the world. In the islamist mind, all must bow the knee to islam or pay for the audacity of difference with their heads being removed from their bodies. Secondly in order for the first mandate to be met - conversion or death - any lie that needs to be told, any deception that needs to be utilized in order to gain ground against the infidel is allowable.

Any muslim who in a smiley way gives ground to any notions of democracy or equality of religion, speech or opportunity is merely functioning as an artist of taqqia - lying to advance islam. Each deception for which jail time might be served by the rest of us, is in the mind of the adherent to islam, acceptable as a necessary obedience to allah.

Keep in mind that we are not dealing with equals here - we are dealing with a savage and reprehensible belief system that will only give quarter as a deception not as any capitulation to any belief system other than that of islam. And for any woman to embrace the slavery that this pseudo-religion demands of them is a display of an unimaginable disorder of reason.
- Dr. Jim Garrow -

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