Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Todd Bentley and Lakeland Revival dialed back

I got notice from God TV that they are not broadcasting the revival from Lakeland. I knew that. I had checked. I also was told of family issues the Bentley's are working thru. And then, from other ports of call people have been asking me if I saw this coming, this problem, this hiatus.


Back on June 17th I prophesied what I believed God was doing and about to do.

I prophesied:

Todd Bentley and the Lakeland revival is a precursor to what God wants to do. It is a breaker. It is breaking off, breaking in and breaking thru the religious infrastructure of the land. God never modifies he always recreates.

I saw all the flaws, tattoos, weirdness, radical-ness and everything every heresy hunter sees. But I saw something else. I saw people needing a touch from God getting it. People needing healing receiving. I saw unity (initially). I saw religious demons screaming. If you google Todd Bentley you will get a full load of religious demons screaming.

Todd Bentley isn't Jesus. In fact, I'll go out on a limb here. This is going to die out. There's something more coming. Something bigger. Something even less palatable to religious folks. God is breaking out again.

This is the beginning of the Beginning.

I know where I want to be when it all comes down. This looks very much like a dream of revival God gave me 12 years ago.

It's radical, fresh, weird and wonderful. Peculiar.

Isn't that Just Like GOD?

Now, crane your neck, look up expectantly for what God is about to do next. It will be even more radical. I hope you are ready. The back of Religion is about to be broken.

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Steve Scott said...

"The back of Religion is about to be broken."

I hope so.