Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More Fun than one Person Should have

I enjoy CNBC. The Financial Channel. I used to work in that industry. It's just fun to listen to the banter. I miss that kind of mind melding.

I have watched it for years. OH, half those people are full of baloney. I know that. They are glib and really wrong much of the time. But they really love the whole deal.

I enjoy them. I enjoy the camaraderie. Even if it's only TV. I have watched Bloomberg. They don't seem to be having as much fun. FBN isn't on my cable. I have no opinion.

The only reason I mention it is this morning they are really cheerful. The world doesn't appear to be coming to an end.

I'll bet their ratings are off the chart.
I can't be alone in enjoying this channel as much as I do.


Anonymous said...

MSNBC...more call letters than watchers!

Gene Redlin said...


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