Monday, August 18, 2008

The Lakeland Revival - NOT DEAD YET

I just wanted to set the record straight. Todd Bentley has stepped back from what is going on in Lakeland.

The Revival has suffered damage. But like the old Monty Python Skit, it's NOT DEAD YET.


Here is a current schedule for who and what is happening in Lakeland. I like Bobby Conners. I like Joan Hunter (I like Charles and Francis too). I would like to rub shoulders again.

I know Carl Strader personally, Steven Strader's dad. Have great affection for him. Makes me feel a little old that his boy Steven is doing the work of God. I think I'll just go and support his efforts.

It's like a lot of revival meetings, like Evan Roberts in the Welsh revival, it's great for a little while, then something happens, a spirit gets in. But thank God for the Apostolic Structure put in place by Peter Wagner and crew.

The waves of this outpouring are going on all around the world. Evenso Come Lord Jesus.

The revival goes on.

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sign me up.